Jartisan Consulting BVBA

Jartisan offers a range of computer related services in Belgium and Canada.

+Services Offered

Since 1980 I have offered design and management services in various areas of the computer industry. A great deal of my experience has been in the telecommunications and computer graphics industries, with strong elements of product development at all levels from large scale, mixed die chips to embedded devices and applications software.

I am a strong proponent of automated testing and Test Drive Design (TDD) and have used it in all of my jobs, in particular at NXP when I was validation manager for an ARM based audio processing chip.

Since the time of NSCA's Mosaic browser my work has included the Ib, most recently to implement user specific targeted Ib advertising.

+Project Management

Over the last two decades I have developed my project management skills following the principles of team building and by approaching professional relationships with a "win-win" attitude. After years practicing the waterfall methods I learned in school I have fully transitioned to using Agile concepts to enable teams in the Scrum Method. I am skilled at using process to enable innovation by creating a development environment infrastructure that supports and promotes good design practice.

+Embedded Programming

stuff about embedded work here

+Web Design

This poor site suffers from "plumbers problem", the sites i do for clients are a lot more interesting than this one.

+Technical Writer

I write in English at a superior level and have experience writing documents for either print or on-line media. I also have years of experience crafting presentations to impress and amaze, and to convey a good amount of meaning in the process. I am also familiar with TV, sound and video recording at the commercial level using both analog and digital editing tools.

+Software Engineering

I have been doing structured programming since 1975 and object oriented programmer since 1978 starting with Modula 2 (under CP/M :), then Concurrent Pascal and finally C++ for more than 10 years. I did not like Java much when it arrived on the scene, but it has reached maturity in recent years and I have re-trained to be able to program standalone and web applications in the enterprise edition

I have extensive practice in real time programming, for applications as Ill as for embedded products, in C & C++ and other OO languages. My work experience has also included application development, 3D computer graphics, API programming and database (SQL). I am fluent in many OO languages (Pascal, Delphi, C++, PERL and others) and proficient in Object Oriented design practice using many tools but preferring UML.

+Customer Support

I have over 15 years experience with process and customer support, successful handing of customer issues is a forte.

+Network & System Administrator

I have experience with Ethernet, Appletalk, and Token Ring networking. I have installed and operated Netscape, IIS and Apache Ib servers. I have administered heterogeneous networks of Windows (98 & 2000) and Unix (HPUX, SGI-IRIX & various flavours of Linux) machines.

+Bio and Skill Set

I have had success because I have learned how to listen and when to speak. I see design as a process of communication; first with the end-users to obtain a clear statement of design intent, then within the implementation team and management structure and finally with those verifying the quality of the product.
I am curious, learned, generous and dedicated to the achievement of a realistic level of perfection.

Click to download my CV (MS Word 2000 document)

On-Line CV

NameJeff Hayes
Qualification Systems Design Engineer
Date of Birth 28 November, 1955
English - native speaker
French - J'ai en peu de Franšais
Nederlands - Ik ben bijna vlot in het nederlands
GSM+32 (486) 74 17 17
Phone+32 (9) 329 64 61

I started to learn Flemish seriously in Sept. 2003 and passed the Level 2 course "Nederlands for Anderstaligen" at the Talencentrum of Gent University. After moving over to "het Perspectif" I studied further, eventually achieving Level 5. Since then I have had many opportunities to work in Dutch and have reasonable fluency in it.

I learned French in Canada but have had no chance to practice since then so again .. I have a bit better than basic French, but need more work to have fluency.

academic training and career development

Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Program included all regular engineering courses with additional courses in ...

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • English Literature
  • Computer Science courses in ...
    • Theory of Computing
    • Compilers
    • Operating Systems
    • Computer Graphics
Management Training and Technical courses ...
  • Presentations
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Process Communications
  • Project Planning
Alias|Wavefront courses ...
  • Level 2 & 3 Design
  • Rendering for Automotive Design in Studio
  • Level 2 & 3 Animation in Power Animator
  • MEL Fundamentals
  • Maya for Games


Professional Engineer registered with Professional Engineers Ontario in Canada. Certified Instructor for Alias|Wavefront Studio (Level 2 Design) and Maya (Maya for Games). Expert Instructor in Studio API Programming, Maya MEL scripting and Maya API Programming

My motto is "Creating reality from imagination" and I use this in both business and personal life.

+Work Status

I am set up to work anywhere in the EU as a contractor, and in Belgium & the UK as a permanent employee. I have a superior command of English, a passable use of French and I can offer the side lines of technical writing and Ib design, if they are skills of interest.